Arte Excéntrico

"Colección Delicatessen"


Takato Yamamoto.

Justin Kephart - Sangre

Denis Forkas


Giuseppe Velardo

Frank Moth

Femme Maison, Claire Pestaille.

Erich Consemüller, Mechanical Fantasy, Bauhaus Dessau, 1926

Doll production in Germany, 1950 - Photographer Unknown

Dave Lebow

By John Morris

Bart Nijstad

By Zeen Chin

Arthur Siegel. Untitled (Barbara) 1947


model robot by ah30

Minsoart NaroPinosa's Collages

Window and Hands - Buenos Aires by arte excéntrico

John Gutmann - The Cry ,1939

Juan Martínez Bengoechea

Andrey Shishkin

Collin Fontaine

Crystal Mary by artist Kyle Montgomery


Paul McCarthy - The King - Review Adrian Searle


Juliette Jourdain

Giovanni Gasparro

Gudu † Fall 2016

Nuestro Otro Sitio

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